Welcome to the Stellar(us) Universe wiki!

This is purely a project made for my (author/admin) friends and perhaps anyone who stumbles onto the page out of curiosity. Here on the Stellar(us) wiki you will find information on the Game's, Factions, Characters and other things which exist either canonically or non-canonically in our universe, inserted by either ourselves or by onlookers who are interested in participating in our galaxy.


Be warned that not all content found in the "Games" timelines are canon to the LORE. You can find canon information in bios for factions and species, as well as approved stories.

Be aware if you are a onlooker and interested in the strange creations found here, you are more than welcome to try your hand at participating. We adore artists, writers, creatives of all sorts; So if you want to submit fan work here for some reason feel free to inform admin first and it may be made canon, or at the very least published for everyone to adore.

If you want to actively talk with us, a discord has been set up for this wiki.

So without further warning...

Enjoy your browse. If you see an issue in code, or something not as it should be, please let us know. Thank you for stopping by.

PS: Please be patient with us, new to Fandom Wikia.

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